My friend Karla Ward is the Executive Director of New Beginnings here in Owensboro.  This morning, she shared some exciting news.  They're actively looking for an artist to create a mural in downtown Owensboro to support the agency's Green Dot program, which stresses the importance of the education and skills needed to increase preventative behaviors that are useful and necessary for bystanders in high risk abuse situations.

Larry and Rosemary Conder have donated wall space at 3rd and Allen in downtown Owensboro.  That space will house a brand new anti violence-themed mural that will promote the Green Dot program. To make that mural a reality, New Beginnings has launched the search for an artist to create it.

Any artist interested in the project is asked to contact Karla Ward by calling New Beginnings at 270-316-0867.  Artists are asked to submit draft ideas, bids and the estimated time for completion of the project.  The deadline for submissions is August 31st, 2020.

In the meantime, here's a look at similar creations from centers in other parts of the Commonwealth.

Greent Dot Murals from Kentucky

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