Wolf's Bar-B-Q has been serving Evansville for a very long time. Wolf's has been listed for sale since 2019, and now that the ink is dry, we can announce that it has been sold.

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Last month our friends at Fingers, Fork, Knife & Spoon Evansville and Evansville 411 NEWS broke the news that Wolf's Bar-B-Q was very close to being sold. That left so many questions for fans of the ninety-seven-year-old restaurant. Why is the restaurant for sale, what will become of the property, and what about the Wolf's barbecue recipe? Well, we can answer at least two of those questions. 

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 Message From Kim Wolf, Owner of Wolf's Bar-B-Q:

Kim Wolf explained in a social media post that she has decided to retire, and that's why the decision was made to sell Wolf's Bar-B-Q. She continued to say that the Wolf's recipes, business model, and trademarks of Wolf's Bar-B-Q are still for sale. Customers will find Wolf's Bar-B-Q salads will be sold in local grocery stores.

 Coming Soon: Nellie's North

So, what will move into the building at 6600 North 1st Avenue Evansville, IN 47710? The Jimenez family is very familiar with the local restaurant scene. They own and operate Nellie's in Newburgh, Indiana. Their original location isn't going anywhere, in fact, they are adding Evansville to their restaurant portfolio! Nellie's features home-cooked meals, amazing breakfasts, and desserts. We expect Nellie's North to open in the spring of 2024.


Nellie's North Facebook Page

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