A car wash in Ohio knows how to do Halloween. Honestly, the fact that a CAR WASH is doing Halloween at all is one of the coolest things I've ever heard.

And I can't help but remember my own frightening experience in a car wash when I was a little kid.

You may not remember this. I barely do. But I do. A long time ago, there was hardly anything south of the bypass except Southside Barbecue, which we never visited because it served alcohol and, well, Mom just wouldn't hear of it.

Right across Frederica from Southside was the Robo Car Wash and it may have been in the early days of automatic car washes. I don't know. I was about four years old, so we're talking 1970.

My sister and I went with my dad to get the car washed and I guess I'd never seen anything like it. Well, when we got in there and it started, those enormous round brushes got going and started circling the car. And you know how close they get. Well, I started screaming like a banshee. They were like monsters. And, again, I'd never experienced anything like it. Neither had my sister, maybe, but her experience was far different. She was laughing her butt off at my trauma over the Car Wash Monster.

I know was very young, but I remember it. And I remembered it again when I learned about what the Rainforest Car Wash in Medina, Ohio is doing this year. Actually, they did it last year, too.

For Halloween, it's converting into the Haunted Wash. Drivers will move slowly (obviously) through the wash and come out "scary clean." There will be goodie bags filled with, of course, candy, and it begins the weekend of October 16th-18th. It will continue the following weekend, October 23rd-25th. Saturdays 5-10, Sundays 3-6.

Marketing director Tara Crawford is excited that Rainforest Car Wash can offer something fun AND safe during this crazy thing we call 2020.

I think it's ingenious and I wish them well.

Take a look at a video from a Haunted Wash at the Rainforest Car Wash in Brunswick, Ohio in 2019:

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