I've known Owensboro film producer/director PJ Starks for about 15 years, give or take. I've even had a cameo in one of his films--Volumes of Blood.

The Progress of Owensboro-Based Horror Film 'New Fears Eve'

With the exception of the first months of the COVID pandemic, PJ has seldom let any grass grow under his feet. He's constantly working on a next project--scouting locations, securing actors, that sort of thing. And now he is preparing for the release of his new horror comedy New Fears Eve. If you want to check out the NSFW trailer, click here. This is a still from that trailer.

Alex Clark
Alex Clark

An Oscar-Winning Composer Joins the 'New Fears Eve' Crew

Now that the film is in post-production, PJ and crew pivot toward "post-production" things like, for example, finding a composer to write the film's score. Well, it gets a lot easier when YOU don't have to find your composer and your composer finds YOU. Such is the case with the amazing stroke of good fortune that IS Joe Renzetti, the Oscar-winning composer of 1978's The Buddy Holly Story. The retired category was Best Adaptation Score.

It looks like we now know that PJ Starks is one degree of separation from Dean Martin and Raquel Welch. Anyway, I spoke with PJ about this illustrious addition to his film's credits and about the film itself:

We've moved into the post-production phase, which is why we released our new campaign. We have to raise a little extra capital to help with extra costs. In return anyone supporting the project will get something cool such as unique props, a limited edition blu ray including becoming an Associate or Executive Producer. While we were figuring that out I got messaged by Joe through social media saying he was interested in the project and wanted to know more about it. We called him up. He's not only an iconic composer of some very well known industry projects but he's very accomplished. It was humbling to know he's worked with Hollywood alums like Ron Howard and Masters of Horror such as John Carpenter. Now he's going to create the score for our latest picture. The whole thing is just very surreal. Just goes to show you that cool things will happen if you continue to put yourself out there and never give up on your dream.

Multiple distributors are interested in the film. When that is settled, a release date will be announced for New Fears Eve.

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