Yesterday three dogs escaped from the backyard and the family needs our help to find them. One is just a puppy. Can you help bring them home?

Lacey Chester

The family has been searching since their fur-babies escaped from their home late yesterday afternoon. They've been searching and searching and can't find them.

They've escaped from Sunset Dr. around Sutton Elementary School in Owensboro. Please keep your eyes open and share this info with your neighbors.

There's three pups probably traveling together. All three are mini schnauzers. One is a new puppy who hadn't been named yet and shouldn't be out on his own. The other is named Susie who has black& white hair and her sister is Molly who is grey & white.

I talked to the owners daughter who said that they are super sweet and may come if called. She said they listen very well. She didn't have really good photos from her Mom and one they couldn't locate a photo.

This is the puppy. If you spot them please call or text at (270) 315-8708.

Lacey Chester