Alayshia Smoot is a Junior at Owensboro High School where she is an active member of choir and ROTC.  This past weekend her mother recorded her singing her version of Hallelujah at Smothers Park.  Her voice is breathtaking.

I am not sure I have ever heard a song from the bathroom of a park or anywhere sung with such passion.  It absolutely brought chills and tears.

Alayshia is an active member Next Generation which is part of Impact 100 a member of Mount Calvary Baptist Church Choir where she sings a solo for the virtual Wednesday Services every third Wednesday. 

Alayshia takes voice lessons with Latasha Shemwell here in Owensboro and has competed in voice competitions all over.  She certainly has a talent for singing.

Alayshia did ask us to let all the young men know she is currently in a relationship and unavailable LOL!

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