How would you like to have your birthday party at Target?  An Owensboro Mom made this come true for her 5-year-old daughter this weekend!

Tamara Miller, of Owensboro, was talking with her daughter, Finley, about what she wanted to do for her birthday and made the suggestion to have it at Target (genius idea by the way)!

Her daughter wasn't sure about the idea at first but then she warmed up to it when Tamarra told her they could dress like Target employees, order Target logo cupcakes, and even do a scavenger hunt right there in the store.

Now I know what you're could Target be alright with this?  No worries Tamarra called the store and asked permission before showing up with a van load of 5- year-olds.

Tamarra sent out invitations, made a huge poster board, and they even asked friends to bring Target gift cards instead of presents so Finley could shop for her own gifts.

Tamara Miller
Tamara Miller

The Target associates went as far as to give Finley her own personalized name tag so she was an official employee!

Tamara Miller

The party was a hit and the birthday gift even bought her brother Max something with her gift cards.

Can I just say I am Mom crushing on Tamarra a bit?!  Seriously, you managed to make a 5-year-old happy and save on a major expensive birthday party.  TAMARRA MILLER FOR MOM OF THE YEAR!  I am in awe I think I just shed a tear.