Angel here and my family is predictable when it comes to vacations.  A friend of mine recently booked a Pack Up & Go Surprise vacation and she's sharing her experience.

So here's how it works.  You basically let the travel agency do the work for you.  You contact them, fill out a questionnaire, sit back and wait.  Amber Payne of Owensboro did this and we asked her to tell us all about it;

Ok, so over the summer I ran across an ad for Pack-Up and Go. Pack-Up and Go is a company that plans surprise vacations. Sounded fun, so I added it to my bucket list. About a month ago, I was struggling a little. Work was getting a little overwhelming. I knew I needed some calm, me time. I decided to take off for a weekend. I pulled out my traveling bucket list to pick a location. I looked at my list…..Pack Up and Go it was!! The website has you choose plane, train or car ride. Since I was just going for a weekend, I chose car. The site is pretty extensive. You fill out a questionnaire of interests, places you’ve traveled, places you visit regularly, etc. two weeks before the trip you receive an email with some info/hints about your trip (what to pack, weather, etc). A week before you receive your package. The package has your destination and itinerary. You’re supposed to open the envelope as you set off. I cheated and opened mine the night before.

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I think this idea is fantastic.  I used to go on work trips alone when my older boys were little and when I was done working for the day would always explore the towns.  It was always so liberating.  I felt like I could take on the world when I ventured out alone.  I have often thought about taking a trip but never a surprise one.  I am definitely adding this to my bucket list.

We had the chance to talk with Amber on the morning show;

Love that Amber was brave enough to go out on her own and create an adventure for herself.  So many don't take hold of the opportunity.

How One Owensboro Woman Took A Risk & Booked A Pack Up & Go Vacation

A friend of mine recently booked a Pack Up & Go Surprise vacation and she's sharing her experience.

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