Owensboro's Jason Koger was recently featured in a brand-new inspirational book that hit book stores and amazon.com.  He share with us a little bit about the book.

Jason is well known for his survival story after being electrocuted in 2008 while riding an ATV on his family's property.  Jason had to have both hands amputated in order to save his life and since he was able he has been telling his story of a major comeback and how he is using it to encourage others.

Jason has appeared on Hawaii 5-0, Apple's 30th-anniversary commercial, Manifesto, Skull Bound TV, Addicted to the Outdoors, Dr. Gupta, CNN, Dirt Road Outdoors, Free State of Jones, and many other TV appearances. He has also appeared in written articles across the country. Jason has received the American Red Cross hero of the year and role model of the year awards.

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To add to this long list of accomplishments Jason shared earlier this week that an author by the name of Karen Hunsanger reached out to him and asked he would be willing to share his "triumph" story.  The book is called "Surrounded By Champions" Inspirational Overcomers Share How They Found Success And You Can Too.

Of course, Jason was more than glad to share his story along with seven other individuals.  Each person has a chapter dedicated to their story.

Jason says he hasn't had an opportunity to read his part of the book but he is super excited to when he gets the chance.

Jason also shared that Danny May has been wanting to work with him on writing his own book.  The process takes time because there are a lot of elements to Jason's story and they have to reduce it down.  Jason says he has been working with Dave Ramsey's marketing guy.

The book will have the perspective of Jason's wife, Jenny, his parents, his sister, and brother-in-law, and all those who remained close while Jason was in an induced coma for three days.  Jason will also add additional commentary throughout the book.

Jason has been an inspiration for so many since his accident.  He never stopped pushing through and showing others no matter the obstacles in your way you can overcome them.  He is a true champion.

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