Patsy Cline Covers Hank Sr.

When the rain just won't stop and you can't even go "Walkin' After Midnight" without coming home in soggy sneakers you need a little gem to pick you up. I was perusing my record collection last night and thought, how bout a little Patsy Cline. It didn't take long for  the little ones and myself to start tapping away in the kitchen. Long before the record hit its final groove my daughter who celebrated her birthday yesterday requested "Blue Moon of Kentucky" (her favorite), and I knew what I'd be sharing with everyone via my post today. I couldn't find a decent audio recording of Blue Moon so here you go..... a little something nice to warm your cold wet piggies. Patsy covering Hank Williams Sr. (although the song was actually written by Cliff Friend and Irving Mills). Good stuff, but it was better popularized by Hank Williams Senior and still lives on as one of his most popular renditions to this day. It's a sweet dream of a  classic for even the most die hard of current country fans. A Patsy Cline song is something I think anyone and everyone regardless of age, religion, gender, or social background can agree on. Sooooooo....what's your favorite Patsy tune?