Saturday morning I was sitting at the computer and, on a whim, decided to see if I could find some last minute tickets for the P!nk concert at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville.  As fate (and luck) would have it, I logged onto Ticketmaster just as the arena released a handful of last-minute seats.  Those seats . . . 6 ROWS FROM THE STAGE!  Needless to say I bought them and was absolutely blown away by what I saw.  P!nk was AMAZING!  And there are videos and photos to prove it.  WATCH!

I didn't shoot that video.  To be honest, I was to mesmorized to focus.  For much of the show, I stood there dumfounded . . . drooling, my tongue hanging out.  I was amazed at P!nk's voice (she sounds superb live), her athleticism, her ridiculous abs and the spectacle and scope of her The Truth About Love tour.  It was pop/rock music meets Cirque du Soleil.

And, after that rousing encore of " So What" sent her flying the lengths and rafters of Bridgestone Arena, P!nk returned to the stage for a second encore.  And this was BEAUTIFUL and breathtaking!

I have seen just about everyone under the sun in concert.  From Garth Brooks to Janet Jackson.  From George Strait to Patti LaBelle.  From Brooks and Dunn to MC Hammer.  From Reba McEntire to Lady Gaga.  From Blake Shelton to Milli Vanilli (and, no, I am not kidding).  But I have to say . . . P!nk was freaking unbelievable.  Truly.  She rocked my country world.

So, my Saturday was pretty awesome.  I literally lucked into tickets just hours before the show.  Those tickets plopped me literally 15-20 feet from the stage.  And I got to see and hear one of my favorite artists live.  P!nk is simply spellbinding.  I left Bridgestone Arena completely moved and convinced I had just witnessed the best concert I had ever seen.  I have a hunch, the other 20,000 people there Saturday feel the exact same way.

By the way, P!nk will be at the KFC Yum Center Friday, March 8th.  If you can, GET TICKETS and learn The Truth About Love.


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