Our tradition continues here at WBKR.  A tradition that is quickly nearing the $2,000,000 mark.  It's time again for our annual St. Jude Radiothon and we will be spending the next two days trying to rally you to help us and St. Jude in our attempts to strike out childhood cancer.

One of the first things we do, every year, is play our song "Thumbs Up" and share our video honoring Lane Goodwin.   For us, and so many of you in this area, Lane Goodwin remains the face of childhood cancer for folks in this area.  We all came to know his battle against "the monster" and were inspired by his bravery in the wake of it.  Lane, from nearby McLean County, challenged us, all of us, to stand up, face this "monster" and take it head on with relentless hope and positivity.

Lane passed away in October of 2012.  Had he lived, he would be celebrating his 21st birthday on May 2nd of this year.  But, like so many children who have to battle childhood cancer, Lane doesn't get that opportunity.  St. Jude founder Danny Thomas famously proclaimed that "No child should die in the dawn of life."  It's our responsibility to do everything in our power to make sure they don't.

So, over the next two days, we are going to call on you to wage war against this "monster."   We're rallying the troops to fight this beast that claimed Lane and so many other children in the WBKR listening area.

Lane's call to arms was a simple one.  He asked us all to put our thumbs up.  For the next two days, we're going to do it . . . with Lane's anthem, like it always does, underscoring the spirit, intent and heart of our St. Jude Radiothon.

Please join us and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in the fight against the "monster."  Call 1-800-201-8883 now to become a St. Jude Partner-in-Hope.  It's just $20 a month for 12 months on a credit or debit card.  You can also text WBKR to 626262.  Once you text WBKR to that number, you'll get a link to follow in order to make your donation and become a Partner-in-Hope.

And, remember, everyone who becomes a St. Jude Partner this year gets one of these amazing new t-shirts.

St. Jude
St. Jude

This is third consecutive year that St. Jude is providing all Partners-in-Hope with this t-shirt.  There are now three different shirts in the set.  Make sure you get the new one by calling to pledge and, more importantly, join a movement that truly has the potential and power to change and secure the lives of children all over the world.

Plus, our friends at Chick-fil-A will hook you up with a token of appreciation.

And, new this year, all WBKR St. Jude Partners will have their names added to our O.Z. Tyler Distillery "Barrel of Hope."


At the conclusion of this year's Radiothon, the barrel will be adorned with the names of everyone who joined the fight and a plaque of how much money was raised in the 2020 WBKR St. Jude Radiothon.  The barrel will be displayed publicly and proudly at O.Z. Tyler Distillery, so tourists to the facility will be able to witness the strength and power of the WBKR community.

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