An Owensboro, Kentucky man will soon be seen on the big screen in movie theatres across the country. Houston Coons snagged a role in the upcoming film Red Right Hand, which stars Orlando Bloom. In fact, Houston was hired to be Orlando's stand in for the movie. Here's how it happened.

Houston's mom, Kimberly, is friends with Chip Polston at KET.

Chip connected the family with a casting agent named Vin Morreale Jr. Vin has long worked as a Hollywood casting agent and has film experience of his own. He once body doubled for Al Pacino. Originally, Vin cast Houston as a double for one of the other main characters in the film. However, about a week later or so, he called Houston and asked if he would stand in for Orlando Bloom. Naturally, Houston said, "Yes!" So, he went up to Louisville where the movie was being filmed, walked onto the set and got to work. Houston was 18-years-old when the movie was in production. He's 20 now and ready for his big screen debut.

In the film, Orlando plays 'Cash', an uncle and brother who's forced to protect his family by working for a notoriously dangerous crime boss. The official trailer dropped this week. Take a look!

As for Houston, he's been in two other movies- a local film called The Bloody Man and a Lifetime movie called Secrets on Greek Row. But, he's excited to finally see himself on the big screen and will in a matter of weeks. He says, "I really loved being a part of this film. I cant wait to see it!"

Here's our interview with Houston-


Red Right Hand lands in theatres on Friday, February 23rd.


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