When you're driving do you ever honk your horn at other drivers?  Did you know that it could be illegal?  Here's what we found out.


Angel here and if you are anything like me I just always thought the horn is there why not use it.  If someone doesn't use their turn signal or is driving erratically I will hit my horn in frustration to let them know they need to get it together.  I have used it to get the attention of other drivers if they are trying to move lanes to let them know they can come over.  I had no idea I might be in the wrong.


Different states have different laws when it comes to using your horn.  Here is what the law says in Kentucky;

Every motor vehicle, when in use on a highway, shall be equipped with a horn or other device capable of making an abrupt sound sufficiently loud to be heard from a distance of at least two hundred (200) feet under all ordinary traffic conditions.  Every person operating an automobile or bicycle shall sound the horn or sound device whenever necessary as a warning of the approach of such vehicle to pedestrians or other vehicles, but shall not sound the horn or sound device unnecessarily.  A bell may be used on a bicycle.-Motor Vehicles § 189.080

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I had an opportunity to talk with our buddy, Corey King, from the Kentucky State Police, and asked him this question;

When is it illegal to use your horn in Kentucky?

The car horn is used for stopping potential danger like a car pulling out in front of you or an animal's action. Basically to warn others, however, if you are out just constantly honking creating undue concern or annoyance, other laws and or ordinances would apply. Like disorderly, conduct, disturbing the peace, or even harassment if directed at a specific person.

What I take from all of this is to keep my hand off the horn and learn to count to 10 while driving.  There are times when it is fine but getting upset at someone who isn't driving how you think they shouldn't isn't a good enough reason.

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