We know when we get an urgent message from the Daviess County Animal Control, things are looking dire for one of their residents. This is no exception. Mariah is a sweet 5 or 6 year-old that needs to get adopted NOW. Can you help?

Friends of Daviess County Animal Shelter
Friends of Daviess County Animal Shelter

When these messages come to us, I get in panic mode. Who can toss away a pet like they don't matter? How can a sweet pup like this not be worth it? Just look at this face. Imagine this face no longer having life because she wasn't worth it. This is just heart-breaking. Read more about adorable Mariah. How can this be?

This is from Deb Conner, who helps care for Mariah:

"Typically I am a ‘can do’ person; I never ask for anyone’s help...at least not with something I think I can accomplish on my own. But there is a situation at the Daviess County Animal Control in Owensboro KY that I really need some help on...this situation is heart rendering, and has me so very afraid that I am now BEGGING for help. Actually, it is way past time for this particular problem to have been solved, and if I wait any longer, the most wonderful little dog will certainly die. Mariah is an approximately 38lb little senior girl who has been at the Animal Control since April 19th, and has glumly watched as person after person walks by her kennel without giving this sweet little dog so much as a second glance. No one wants her, and there were several ‘discussions’ last week that perhaps it was time for Mariah to be leashed up and taken on that last walk down the hall....the walk that no dog ever returns from. Mariah will be leashed up, and this friendly older dog is sure to assume that she is going to the exercise yard outside; she will get all excited thinking about being able to run and maybe even chasing a ball or two! The reality of what is about to happen won’t be known until the last moment...then sheer fear will set in, but it will be too late. Gone forever is the hope of life, or any future with a loving family that Mariah could have called her own. IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY, and I can assure you this sweet, older dog doesn’t want to die. Mariah wants a home and a family...just like any other dog does! Smaller in stature, Mariah is a pleasing chestnut brown in color, well socialized and HW negative. She is thought to be 5 or even 6 years in age, and possesses a calmness that would make her an excellent fit for a retired couple or really anyone who simply wants a more low key canine companion. Mariah loves everyone, and would thoroughly enjoy curling up with you on the sofa or bed at the end of the day...she promises not to take up too much space!  This splendid senior walks well on a lead, is thought to be housebroken, and is a nice looking pupper as well. There is absolutely no reason this awesome girl can’t have a family and a home too, folks! So why hasn’t anyone chosen Mariah to date? I strongly suspect it has everything to do with a herniated and protruding area on our girl’s abdomen....an area that is shocking when first noticed. The great news, though, is that this will be completely absent after Mariah has gone through her vetting; this hernia won’t exist at all! I honestly believe this splendid and loving little dog has been repeatedly overlooked because of the hernia. How sad is that?! Isn’t there anyone anywhere who will welcome this sweet senior into their hearts and home? All it will take to change this poor dog’s reality is just one compassionate person, and I am so hoping this plea meets that person’s ears! For more information on this last chance for Mariah, call the Daviess County Animal Control at 270-685-8275 , and fill out their online application; approval is typically within 2-3 days. The shelter is located at 2620 highway 81, Owensboro KY with hours of operation: Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri 9-4:30 (closed for lunch 12 noon-1:00). Thurs 12 noon- 5PM. They are open Sat 9AM-3:00PM with lunch from 11:30AM-noon. You may also text myself ‘Deb’ at 812-430-8009....I would be happy to speak with you about this lovable older dog! Feel free to reach the AC via email too; their email is dcacanimals@yahoo.com

I know there is a place for this wonderful old dog...please help her...I really AM begging. Mariah is dangerously close to a situation that none of us want..."

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