Growing up I loved riding the Ferris wheel at the carnival when it would come to town.  Waterfront Park in Louisville is expecting a giant traveling observation wheel to arrive sometime this week.

The SkyStar Observation Wheel is one of the world's tallest and will be in Kentucky for 5 weeks from Thursday, March 29, through, May 6.  You do not want to miss an opportunity to ride this~

The ride can hold up to 216 people with 36 gondolas holding 6 people each.  Riders will get to experience being extended 143 in the air at the highest point of the ride.

According to in formation from the Courier-Journal, Observation wheels are distinguished from Ferris wheels by industry experts based on the design of the cars, Schneider said. The observation wheels have enclosed, climate-controlled gondolas, while Ferris wheels typically have open-air seating.

 Waterfront Park's event director Ashley Smith said she hopes the attraction will return on an annual basis and potentially stay for eight weeks or longer next year. 

"The unique and appealing offering of this Ferris wheel is it will always be fresh, always be exciting," she said. "It will be here at an exciting time: when spring is springing and flowers are blooming and people are anxious to get outside."

I would love to pay a visit while the wheel is close by.  With the weather changing and the beautiful riverfront view it will surely be a place to take the kids and make great memories!

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