The story of a unique wedding proposal in Spencer County, Indiana has charmed the world.

14News-WFIE reports that a story they shared in March of 2016 has been picked up and has gone viral across the globe.

It's the story of sisters Hannah and Ashley Schaus.

Last year, when Ashley received a marriage proposal from her soon-to-be fiance, Will Seaton, Will also made a proposal, of sorts, to Hannah, asking her to be his "best friend forever."

Hannah has Downs Syndrome and is seven years younger than Ashley. The two have been inseparable since Hannah was born.

Now, the THREE of them are inseparable.

The wedding is planned for October.

But here's the thing...this amazing story has gone seriously viral.

The story has been shared by ABC News, the Today Show, and the Huffington Post, among many others.

The Viral YT on YouTube is all over it.

Seriously, do a Google search for "Ashley Schaus" and see what you come up with.

This extraordinary story is EVERYWHERE and began right here in the tri-state in Spencer County.

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