Angel Here!  The time has come and I am officially a  "dance mom". Charlotte had her very first dance recital this past weekend and I wanted to share this special time with you-->

Charlotte is the one on the far right!  This was at rehersal.  She came off stage with red lipstick everywhere.  When she gets nervous she puts her hand near her mouth LOL!

Thankfully the real recital day she kept her hand out of her mouth and a smile on her face.

I know I brag on her a lot but she sure is super special.  She is so much fun.  Her personality just shines in person and around others.  Never meets a stranger and has a laugh that is totally contagious.  She reminds me a lot of momma.

Tuck loved coming to see his baby sister perform.  He kept telling her how good she did and he was proud of her.

This picture is so special because Charlotte's Great Grandmother "Mamaw Henry" was there and she just got the news that she is in remission.  What a blessing for our whole family.

Here's to many more years of costumes, chaos, and fun.  A huge thanks to Joy Johnson's Dance Studio and Mrs. Kim for taking Charlotte under their wing and teaching her.