Many of you know I lost my daughter, Kathern, thirteen long years ago to SIDS.   This weekend Charlotte got to pay a visit to her sister's grave site.  It was completely beautiful.While most people like to tip toe around the fact that I've lost a daughter and avoid the subject at all cost I choose to celebrate her life any chance I get.  Yesterday, Joe and I took Charlotte to Elmwood to check on her sister's grave stone and clean it up.  It did my heart good to see her point at Kathern's picture and say her name and smile.

Angel Welsh

I truly believe if we continue to talk about her and share her life with others she is never really gone.  I want her siblings to know who she was and how special she is to our family.

Angel Welsh

Having my girls together was the biggest blessing I could ever ask for.  And one day we will all meet once again.

Thanks for letting me share my life and family with each of you~