Picture it!  The Hines Center in Philpot.  Saturday, February 18th.  It's freezing a#$ cold outside and you're standing on the dock of The Hines Center lake and hundreds of people are chanting, encouraging you to jump in the freezing cold water that, quite possibly, has big chunks of ice in it.  And by "big chunks of ice" I mean the kind that sank the Titanic!  And, yet, there you are . . . standing next to Jaclyn Graves and me . . . and we're about to take the Polar Bear Plunge!  It's an absolutely AWFUL way to raise money for charity, but, goshdarnit, we're gonna do it!  And WE WANT YOU to do it with us!!

The Polar Bear Plunge is an annual fundraiser for Special Olympics Kentucky.  Last year, Jaclyn and I put a bounty on our heads and challenged folks in the area to come and take the plunge.  We said that if 150 people plunged that we would jump in too!  And, well, over 170 people came to jump . . . and Jaclyn and I made good on our bet and jumped right along with them (though we really wanted to climb in the WBKR van and Thelma and Louise it outta there) .  And, consider this.   We made good on this insane bet of ours on a day when it was 34 degrees outside (wind chill was about 25 degrees) and the water temperature in The Hines Center lake was 38!  Yep!  It was actually warmer in the water . . . though you couldn't convince any part of my body of that statistic!!


We had so much fun last year (and by "fun", I mean it was torture) that we decided to rally a team of WBKR listeners to join us in the torture . . . er, I mean, fun!  So, here's what we want you to do!  Fill out THIS FORM and commit to raise $75 for Special Olympics Kentucky.  Then, join Jaclyn and me and the WBKR team at The Hines Center on Saturday, February 18th and get ready to PLUNGE!!  Yes, it's going to suck!  Yes, it's going to be cold.  Yes, you'll have body parts that will completely shrivel up and retreat into various cavities!  But, you will have helped out an amazing cause and some terrific, inspirational athletes.

And, if you join our team, we are going to have a big team wrap-up party with food and fun prize giveaways to say "thanks" for taking the Polar Bear Plunge with us.  By the way, details of that party are still being worked out, but all WBKR team members will be invited to attend.  And, we promise, it will be somewhere warm.

So, don't be a whiny wimp.  Suck it up and join us!  We promise you . . . it's going to be a blast!  And we really want you guys and gals to help us raise money for area athletes who, with your help, can go for the gold!

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