I have said it multiple times before . . . jumping into a freezing-cold lake is the single WORST idea in history and the single-worst way to raise money for a charity.  LOL!  But, you know what!  We're doing it anyway and we are going to have a blast.  :)  The 2013 Polar Bear Plunge is coming up Saturday, February 9th at The Hines Center in Owensboro and we are truly going to be "freezin' for a reason."  All proceeds from the Plunge benefit Special Olympics Kentucky.  Wanna know how crazy this event is?  Check out video from last year's Plunge when Jaclyn, Erin Grant and I took it with a couple of brave WBKR listeners!

This year, we have nominated a very special team captain to lead WBKR's plungers!  Jimmy Parrot!

Jimmy Parrot Wants YOU!!
Jimmy Parrot Wants YOU!!

Yep!  We are calling our 2013 team Jimmy Parrot's Plungers and Jimmy has agreed to be our team captain!  Now, that doesn't mean he is going to take the plunge.  I asked him to and he replied, "Are you crazy, Tad?  It's too cold!"  LOL!  But, he HAS agreed to come to the event, wear a cape and a crown, and bark orders at us and make the rest of us plunge on his behalf!

So, what do you say?  Wanna join our team?  Last year, we had a record turnout at the Owensboro Plunge and raised a record $54,000.  This year, we are aiming even higher!  Our goal is $60,000!

To get more information about the 2013 Polar Bear Plunge and to register for Jimmy's team, CLICK HERE!  Then, let Jaclyn, Dave Spencer and me know if you want to join us on Jimmy Parrot's Plungers!  We want to round up the biggest Plunge team in history to honor our buddy Jimmy!

So, sign up today and start raising money!  The minimum amount to plunge is $75 per person!  And, remember, all proceeds benefit a tremendous cause . . . Special Olympics Kentucky!


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