Food trucks are popping up everywhere these days and they are ideal for the festival scene. I went to a festival in Nashville on Saturday and while there were plenty of trucks and varieties to choose from, I really didn't want to eat because it was slightly humid. However, one truck had a zero wait, the ice cream one! 

I'm talking about Bradley's Curbside Creamery, you guys, oh my gosh! I'm not a big ice cream float fan, but check this out:

That my friends is the White Trash Float. It's Mountain Dew and Orange Dreamsicle ice cream. It was indulgent yet refreshing. My friend had a Float of the South which is Cherrwine and vanilla ice cream. While I'm still sort of on a no soda kick, I made an exception since I was one, thirsty and two, intrigued.

What is your favorite ice cream float?

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