Clothes vs. No Clothes while sleeping, that is the question?  I recently did a little research to find out if there was really a health benefit for sleeping in the buff.  I was pleasantly surprised to find there are multiple reasons to forget your jammies when climbing into bed tonight!According to, Intelligence For Life, on YouTube one reason a person should sleep naked is because it can boost your metabolism causing your body to burn "brown fat" which is the good fat we want to burn helping to aid in fat loss.  Another reason is our bodies need to be cooler in order to reach a more restful sleep pattern.  When we sleep without clothes our bodies have an opportunity to cool down faster, in turn, helping us to sleep more soundly.   Sleeping naked also boosts insulin production helping to reduce a person's chance of getting diabetes.  They suggest sleeping with your socks on to keep your blood circulating.

Just to recap, sleeping naked does a body good because:

  • It boosts metabolism
  • Reduces the risk of Diabetes
  • Helps a person have a more restful sleep
  • Balances melatonin and growth hormone

So ditch the skivvies and be on the road to a brand new you!!!



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