My annual tradition of ranking my friends' Halloween costumes continues!  This marks the fifth year I've been doing this. I always love the chance to give shout outs to my wildly creative friends, who, again this year, absolutely served it up!  Some of the folks featured are staples on this list.  Some have made it for the first time.  Here they are! The Top Ten Halloween Costumes for 2018.



One of the biggest scandals in the history of sports brought to life!  My high school friend Angie Roby Baker and her friend Leanne Taylor paid homage to Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan.  These costumes have us all in the darkened hallway of the ice rink screaming, "Whyyyyyyyyyyyy????  Whyyyyyyyyyyyy?"



Mandy says she's been waiting for the right opportunity to dress up as the Wicked Witch of the East.  This year, she rallied some coworkers to play the other essential roles in The Wizard of Oz story.  She then constructed a house and threw it on herself.  Halloween honors are VERY competitive at US Bank, where Mandy works.  However, she, deservedly, was awarded "Most Original" costume!


Yes!  I am putting myself on my own list.  But this is on point.  Credit goes to my partner-in-crime, Angel Welsh, who said, "We should go as Karen and Jack from Will & Grace."  So, we did.  In doing so, we re-enacted some of Karen and "Just" Jack's classic scenes, including the one above.  "Decline.  Decline. Approved!"  And yes!  I Parker Posey-ed and parked my nosey in her clevage!


Peter, Paul and Mary . . . we look FABULOUS!



Two-thirds Kitty and Peter Carruthers and one-third a regrettably placed Count Chocula, Barb Birgy landed a triple axle with this costume.  Yeah, it's store bought.  But who cares?  It takes some guts to wear this thing in public and Barb just glided out onto the ice and into the rink with it proudly.  If you glance at it, you'll be startled by its inappropriateness.  But if you really look at it, it's poetry in motion.  Think the movie Ice Castles.  Or, better yet, Blades of Glory.



I love a good throwback.  This appropriately black and white photo is definitely a throwback.  Remember Captain and Tennille?  Misty and Mark do.  And with the help of a captain's hat for Mark and a 1970's jumpsuit (that may or may not have belonged to my great aunt), they nailed this dynamic duo.  I #MuskratLove this!


Brand new mom and KISS 106 morning show cohost Maddie West nailed her costume as well.  She should have.  She's currently living it.  Maddie is a brand new mom and paid a rather dark comedy tribute to first-time motherhood.  This is a whole new, warped way of thinking about the #GotMilk campaign.




My friend Sammy Tanner always has a reserve spot on this list.  After all, I routinely and proudly confess that his drag alter ego, Patti Melt, is one of my guiltiest pleasures.  In fact, I sent Sammy a message over the weekend to ask when Patti was going to emerge from her cocoon.  On Saturday, she did . . . for the SHEroes & Villains event at the Dupont Social Club in DC.  And Sammy, I mean Patti, served up some Cesar Romero Joker realness.  Forgive the Batman puns, but this costume is a BAM!  POW!!


Michael Harkins/Facebook

I love camp.  I love drag.  And I love great campy drag.  And Michael Harkins served up some Mommie Dearest realness for Halloween.  This costume, the expressions and the delivery are perfection.  Say "Yes" to wire hangers!!


Claudia Borjas/Facebook

I will admit.  I do not know Eugenio Olivares personally.  But he and I have a fabulous mutual friend in Claudia Borjas. Kevin and I met Claudia over the summer on our cruise to Greece!  Because Eugenio and I have Claudia in common, his costume showed up on my timeline and I think it's a scream!  Eugenio won first place in his costume contest at work.  And, while he may not be a #1 or #2 here, he has manage to pinch off a spot at #3!


Travis Estes/Facebook

My friend Tara Estes is obsessed with Halloween.  She and her husband Travis host an annual Halloween party.  Tara has also constructed a graveyard that pays tribute to all of her favorite (and dead) singers and entertainers.  Their house is decorated- from shingles to floor- in Halloween decor!  And Tara has mastered the art of imitation and disguise.  Travis, when he shared this photo on social media this morning, said, "This is what woke me up for work today!"  It's absolutely hilarious and the transformation is mind-boggling.



My former college friend and Spaghetti Factory coworker Scott Mitchell always makes this list.  This year, he sits atop it.  This Angler Fish Man costume is unbelievable!   It's crazy to think that Scott entered a Louisville costume contest and got second place.  On my list, there's no way that's happening.  This is absolute Halloween genius and the best costume I saw in 2018!