One of the reasons I wanted to go to Mount Rushmore and the Badlands ten years ago was that I'm the only member of my immediate family who hadn't been there.

Obviously, there were a million other reasons, but that was, legit, one of them.

My parents and my sister went in 1963 before I was born. And they also visited the very cool Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota. On that 2011 trip, so did I and took a picture of the bizarre structure from the exact corner my dad had done 48 years earlier.

Dave Spencer/Townsquare Media
Dave Spencer/Townsquare Media

Another landmark they visited before I got here was the Natural Bridge on the other side of Lexington in Slade, Kentucky. I've seen those slides so many times and yet I've never gone. And I don't have a really good reason, I guess. It's not like Slade, Kentucky is Tibet. But I've never been, nonetheless.

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But that doesn't mean I HAVEN'T been to a natural bridge.

Several years ago--1994, I believe--a good friend of mine who has since passed away took me to a natural bridge in what I thought was Muhlenberg County. That's where he lived at the time and when we went, it didn't seem like it was THAT far from his house in Island.

More recently, I asked some of my Muhlenberg County friends about the natural bridge to which I am referring and they directed me down State Road 189 that runs past Powderly and Greenville to a tiny little town called Apex.

I did a search and learned that it is, indeed, known as the Apex Natural Rock Bridge. Also, that search yielded this picture which confirms that it is there. It looks like Logan Brown took the photo in March of this year.

I followed every direction I could get my hands on and could not get there. I will have to try again since I now know I'm not crazy.

But if there's anything ELSE I need to do besides driving down 189 to Apex, I beg, I plead, I beseech of ANYONE...please tell me what it is.

And thank you.

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