This is no hogwash, Birdie the potbelly pig, is up for adoption at the Daviess County Animal Shelter. She'll give you tons of hogs and kisses.

Friends of Daviess County Animal Shelter

This sweet pork chop would be a fun addition, to the right family. Birdie is approximately 2 years-old, is getting spayed, and just needs you. She loves going on pig-inics, but doesn't like bacon, pulled pork or ham. She'll give you tons of hogs and kisses. She loves watching the Pig Bang Theory, Jurassic Pork or Frankenswine. Birdie also hogs the covers in bed. After her hamwork she likes to do pig-ups, hoping to get into Porks Illustrated. She makes a great road hog when she rides in your pig-up truck!

"She is very social and would do best in a home with no small children. She is a little too friendly with little kids. She has jumped on a 4 year old before. She is about 65 pounds. She is housebroken if taken out regularly. She also does well outside in a fenced yard."

Please contact the shelter directly. Please do not PM or comment on the post for information.
Daviess County Animal Shelter
Owensboro Ky

Friends of Daviess County Animal Shelter
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