If you don't want to "clear the room" or "scare your dog" avoid these foods that can cause major gas! It happens sometimes so don't be embarrassed. In the big scheme of things it really doesn’t matter!

Most of us struggle with bloating and gas. It's just a fact of nature!

Items contain sugars, starches or fiber and often fried food have trouble digesting easily. Sometimes it’s the combination of these foods that can cause gas. It really all depends on the person, but limiting the intake of these foods will help for sure!


Of course avoid or limit beans! They'll play a number on your stomach and gas is guaranteed.

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Many high-fiber foods can be great gas producers!

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What do you get if you eat refried beans and onions? Tear Gas. Had to go there!

I know many people who have to avoid Onions so that I don't avoid them. Bad breath and bad gas. What a combo!

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Mylanta! Sugar? Say it isn't so! Will it really make you have to go!

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If you love green veggies like broccoli, cauliflower and brussels sprouts it helps to cook them first to avoid bloating and gas.

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Eggs and some dairy products have been known to make me run to the Tums!

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PRUNES - The absolute worst and will often lead to bloating, gas, and embarrassing odors. Heading to a nice event in a beautiful outfit? I don't think eating a handful of prunes before you head out is a smart idea if you know what I mean!

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This is a strange one because it causes gas and helps reduce it. Cook it well and it can help stop the explosion that can come with consumption!

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APPLES, FIZZY DRINKS (causing bubbles inside and out!) and BROCCOLI too! GARLIC can be wicked to your insides. I had to give up Garlic years ago for this reason!

When you watch this video be careful at the end as if your volume is up you may get embarrassed! Yep. I was in a public place when watching for the first time and it was quite unexpected and well....luckily I don't get embarrassed easily!