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Big news for Travis Tritt fans in the tristate! The country star just announced that he's going to bring his 2022 tour to the Victory Theatre in Evansville. And tickets will go on sale THIS Friday.

Travis Tritt stormed onto the Billboard Country Charts back in 1989. His first release, "Country Club" climbed all the way to #2. His very next single, "Help Me Hold On," went to #1 and solidified Travis as a major new force in country music. Over thirty years later, he's still at it and he's fantastic live. My friend Debbie Anderson, who's from Evansville and is THE biggest Travis Tritt fan I know (she has seem him live close approximately 200 times), says he STILL sounds awesome in concert.

I've seen Travis live a couple of times myself and I agree. He's got a great voice and a ton of hits. So, I decided to compile my personal Essential Travis Tritt playlist for you- the five songs that I think are his absolute best. Here there are in ascending order from #5 to #1.


"Here's a Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares)" peaked at #2 on the Billboard Country Chart and gave all country music fans the absolute perfect comeback saying. I mean, who among us hasn't looked at someone over the last thirty years and said, "Here's a quarter! Call someone who cares." LOL!


I can tell you unequivocally, after doing a country music morning show for nearly twenty years, this remains THE get-up-and-go anthem. If you need a song to kick start your day, THIS is it.


This was Travis Tritt's 4th single and, oddly enough, wasn't a hit. As a matter of fact, it peaked at #28. But, I think it's one of his signature songs and a signature song of country music. I love a good driving song and this Travis Tritt classic is OVERDRIVE!


I am a sucker for a good ballad and this one is darn near my favorite ballad of Travis Tritt's. And, let's be honest, he's got some GREAT ones that didn't make this list but could have: "Help Me Hold On" and "Can I Trust You With My Heart" to name two. But "Foolish Pride" hurts my heart. The song is a balladeers' recounting of how relationships die. How a good love falls to pieces.


Well, what do I need to say about this song? I always tell people I came to country music late. I didn't really start listening to country until 1998 when I started working here at WBKR. But, I was aware of Travis Tritt and fell in absolute love with this song when he released it back in 1991. It's staying power is undeniable. In fact, nine years ago, to celebrate WBKR's 40th Anniversary, we let you help decide the Top 40 songs of the last 40 years. According to votes from WBKR listeners online and on-air, this song finished at a whopping #3. It's AWESOME!

Travis Tritt in Evansville 2022 - Concert Details

Travis will be appearing at the Victory Theatre on Thursday, March 31st, 2022. Tickets go on sale to the general public on Friday, January 7th at

How to Win Tickets

If you would like a chance to win tickets before you can buy them, stay tuned to WBKR. Each weekday, during the Lunchtime Request Show (from Noon to 1pm) Erin Grant will play a Travis Tritt song. When you hear it, be Caller #92 at (270) 926-WBKR, 1-800-844-WBKR or by hitting CALL US on the WBKR app. If you're Caller 92, we're going to hook you up with a FREE pair of tickets to the show.Of course, you can take WBKR with you everywhere you go with the WBKR app. If you don't yet have it, get it here:

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