EKKKKK!  Do you know what I love more than a yard sale?  A whole neighborhood garage sale.  Not having to drive all over town searching it's like a pot of gold placed right in front of your face.

This weekend the Twin Lakes Subdivision Neighborhood Sale is happening.  Twin Lakes is on the South End of Owensboro off Southtown Boulevard.

Usually, the Tamarack Park Neighborhood joins the party and they all have sales too.

Now, if you are planning to go I do have a few suggestions to make your experiences the very best.  Twin Lakes gets super congested during the sales.

Find a place to park in the middle of the neighborhood and take a rolling cart or if you have kids take a stroller or wagon and put all your goodies in it.  This keeps you from having to go back to the car or repark a million times.

Remember especially late in the morning if you don't like the price of an item talk to the seller and see if they will take less.  Nine times out of ten people just want their stuff gone and are willing to bargain with you.  Heck, do like I do and ask for bundle deals.

Make sure you also have lots of dollar bills and change too.  This helps the people at each sale.  I know when I have had garage sales in past the worst thing is when someone pays for a dollar item with a $20 bill and you have to give them all your change.

Take your own reusable bags.  This will cut down on the exchange of bags.  Make sure to take hand sanitizer and use it.

Most importantly HAVE FUN and Enjoy :)

Sales will begin as early as 6 a.m.

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