It's another Wacky Wednesday here at WBKR.  Angel and I have decided that, because we know kids are at home because of COVID-19, we're going to share a series of "science" experiments with you that you can try at home with the family.  Today, we attempted the Wine Glass Challenge.  Now, in the adult version you can certainly use a nice cabernet or merlot.  LOL!  For the kid-friendly version (which is what Angel and I did), you can use water.  Here's how it works . . . or doesn't!

Now, if you've missed our other Wacky Wednesday experiments, you're in luck!  Here's our miserably failed attempt at making Moon Dough.

Last week was MUCH more successful.  We used vinegar and baking soda to make dancing popcorn.  It's freaking cool!

Stay tuned for more Wacky Wednesday experiments each Wednesday here at WBKR,, the WBKR Facebook page and the WBKR app.

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