Walmart is transforming select store parking lots into drive-in movie theaters all across the country. It was announced today that Evansville and Hopkinsville are both on the list and tickets are FREE.

smodj via Canva
smodj via Canva

How FUN is this! Walmart is turning their parking lots into full-fledged drive-in movie theaters, with two locations nearby. Because of social distancing requirements, so many events have been cancelled or postponed in the tri-state, so this will be a nice way to enjoy a night out with the family. This kiddos will be so excited to get out of the house!

This socially distanced drive-in will come to Evansville, Indiana from Friday, October 16th thru Wednesday, October 21st, 2020. Hopkinsville, Kentucky is scheduled for Tuesday, September 22nd and Wednesday September 23rd, 2020.

The gates will open up at 6:00pm and the film will begin at 7:30pm. No late entry will be allowed.

Tickets are FREE, but must be requested in advance, and only one ticket is needed per vehicle. You can get yours this afternoon at 4PM.

Here's a list of of movies that may be shown at a Walmart parking lot near you.

Walmart Drive-In Movies

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