He's an institution.  There's no other way you can describe Joe Lowe, who's been a staple air personality in Owensboro radio for four decades.  In addition to being a staple on-air, Joe is a mover and shaker off the air as well.  He's involved with countless charities and civic organizations and is always ready and willing to roll up his sleeves and help.  Well, now . . . as fate would have it . . . Joe needs your help.  He needs our help.

Joe Lowe has been diagnosed with stage four esophageal, liver, and stomach cancer and is, literally, in a fight for his life.  Here at The Country Station, 92.5 WBKR and News Talk 1490 WOMI, Joe is a part of the family and this news has come as a shock to us.  We know, as many of you are finding out the news, it has come as quite a blow to you as well.  And, as you can imagine, the news has been a bombshell for Joe, his wife, their daughters and their grandchildren.

So, here at the radio ranch, we have decided that the best way for us to help lift Joe's spirits is to do what we do best.  We're going to rally the troops.  We know Joe Lowe has hundreds, thousands of devoted fans and long-time listeners and we are going to look to you this week to help us give Joe some much-needed encouragement and strength.  We want to let Joe know just how much our great community loves him, supports him and cares.

Tomorrow morning (Monday, August 27th), we are going to set up a drive-thru card signing at the WBKR/WOMI studios and that drive-thru will be open from 7am until 2pm.  We invite anyone and everyone who has worked with, listened to, or encountered Joe to come by and sign our Joe Lowe scrapbook!    We know that a positive spirit is key to battling deadly disease and your support will surely lift Joe's spirits and show him the overwhelming support we know he has in this community.

In addition to the card-signing, we also invite you to share videotaped messages with Joe.  We will have cameras on hand for you to send along your well-wishes!  And we've also invited some of Joe's closest friends and colleagues to stop by and share stories and fond memories of Joe on the air.

At WBKR and WOMI, we pride ourselves in fighting the fight.  We annually support fundraising missions all over the tri-state and constantly participate in the war on cancer specifically.  We do our very best to stand on the front lines with the American Cancer Society, Susan G. Komen, and St. Jude.  We know the impact cancer has on our listeners, friends and loved ones.  And on Monday, we are going to fight for one of our own.  So, please, stop by . . . and help us rally support for Joe Lowe.  He's always there when the community needs him.  And, now, more than ever, he needs his community.

Thank you.  And we'll see you Monday! 

Our offices are located at 3301 Frederica Street in Owensboro.