Bye y'all! It's been nice knowing you, but with this new information, I'll be packing my bags and moving somewhere that is not home to one of the creepiest crawlies on the planet. OK, just kidding, but really! This is not great!

Scorpions in Kentucky?

Kentucky is home to all kinds of interesting animals and insects, but I had no idea there are scorpions here. I thought those bad boys only lived in dry desert type areas of the world. Sure enough, there is one species of scorpion that calls the bluegrass state home. Its name does not make me feel any better about possibly encountering one.

The Southern Devil Scorpion

What a name right? Appropriate for a species from the depths of hell! According to University of Kentucky's Critter Files,

"The Southern Devil ScorpionVejovis carolinianus, (also called the Plain Eastern Stripeless Scorpion and the Southern Stripeless Scorpion) is the only kind of scorpion known to live in Kentucky.  It is about 2" long when fully grown, and is fairly common in wooded areas in the southeastern United States.  They are often seen in rocky areas around Kentucky's lakes and ponds.  These scorpions usually hunt at night and hide during the day under rocks, logs, and loose bark."

They're actually pretty tiny, and more active in the summer time. Fun fact, they are visible in black light because the absorb and reflect UV light. Here's a video from UK about them.

Is the Southern Devil Scorpion Dangerous?

Thankfully, this arachnid is not particularly dangerous to humans. It is also not recommended to handle them if you come in contact with them, but their venom isn't deadly if you were to get stung by one. As you would imagine, they can be really painful though! Redness and soreness for days, tingling, burning, numbness, muscle twitching are some of the symptoms of a scorpion sting. Similar to a bee sting.

Have you ever seen a scorpion in Kentucky? Where were you? Please tell me so I can never go there!

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