Since summer decided to arrive well ahead of schedule, it's probably a little past time to discuss hot cars, pets, and kids.

Several years ago, I was watching an episode of CSI and, without getting too graphic about the episode's content, there was a discussion about how the inside of a vehicle can get depending on the OUTSIDE temperature.

It was very informative as I'd never really known the science behind it.

Needless to say, this is an incredibly dangerous situation.

But, in case you don't know what a vehicle's cabin becomes in the summer heat when it's closed up, take a look at this pet safety chart from Evansville Animal Care & Control:

Isn't that something? THIRTY-FOUR DEGREES warmer inside than out. And what really surprised me was how hot a car can get on a NICE day.

I love 70 degree weather. Who knew that when the sun's out on a day like that, you can keep your dinner warm on the front seat?

Then again, on a really cold day, if the sun's out, your car can be nice and comfy, so I guess it does make sense.

A word to the wise is sufficient, as they say. If you weren't aware before of how oven-like your vehicle can become in the summertime, now you know.


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