I find things like this very interesting. There's a site with graphs to find out how much hotter your hometown is than it was the year you were born. Hint, it's a lot hotter!

Although my hometown is technically Hartford, I was born here in Owensboro on October 13, 1975. The average days at or above 90 degrees the year I was born was 31. Now, in Owensboro, we'll reach 90 or above for 42 days.

In Hartford back then, same as above, 31 days at 90 or above. Now? 49 days. Wow! So I was wondering what about towns that are historically hotter than the rest of the country, like say Death Valley, California. In 1975, they got 118 days of 90 or above degree heat. Now, they get, 142 days of the same temps. Whew!

And you scroll down past today, the number of hot days increases by at least 10-30, that's hot!

Go HERE to look up your hometown heat stats.

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