There are five beautiful pups waiting to be adopted or rescued from the Daviess County Animal Shelter. Their days are numbered and they all deserve a Christmas Miracle.

John Mcallister

I always feel sick to my stomach when I see these messages. Their lives matter. They didn't ask to be born. Can you imagine how scared they must be? Give them the gift of life this holiday season.

All five of these shelter dogs are heartworm positive and they MUST be adopted or rescued by Jan 7th or they will be euthanized. Can you help them find their fur-ever home? Please.

"They need to be in a home or rescue and out of the shelter so they can receive treatment. Heartworm treatment by a licensed veterinarian is required by adopters.
Please speak to your vet about treatment options and cost. "

Meet calm Clara. Look at those said eyes. This breaks my heart.

Clara, 40 pounds, was found as a stray by the police department. She is a quiet, calmer girl that is super gentle. She is well mannered. She loves people and does okay with other dogs.

Daviess County Animal Shelter

I want to swoop up Daisy and take her home!

Daisy, 28 pounds, is spayed and was turned in by her owner due to a living situation. She is a happy go lucky girl who loves everyone including dogs,cats and people. She is 28 pounds but is short and fat. She is about the size of a beagle.

Daviess County Animal Shelter

Next up. Meet beautiful Biscuit.

Biscuit, 17 pounds, is neutered and was brought in after being found as a stray. He's a super friendly young dog. He appears to be 1-2 years old and is already neutered.
He loves other dogs and people. He seems uninterested in cats.

Daviess County Animal Shelter

Then there's Aaron. Sweet Aaron.

Aaron, 50 pounds, was found as a stray. He is about 3 years-old. He is not good with male dogs. He does okay with female dogs with proper introductions. He would be best as an only dog. He is a very sweet dog and loves people!

Daviess County Animal Shelter

Comet is a big boy and simply precious.

Comet, 60 pounds, was turned in by his owner because they had too many animals. He is a young active boy who needs regular exercise daily. He appears to be a husky mix. Please research the breed before considering adoption. He is very friendly with everyone he meets. He loves other dogs and people. He seemed uninterested in cats.

Daviess County Animal Shelter

If you can give these pups a home please contact the shelter as soon as possible.

Daviess County Animal Shelter
Owensboro Ky

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