It's almost time! I am very pumped about this opportunity. I got my niece Zoey to help out with a tiny hype video for BKR Boot Camp! 

Bless her heart, she lost one of her front teeth before Christmas and the other one four days after Christmas. She also spent five hours playing Roblox on my parents computer Sunday. In other words, we had a little bit of tough time convincing her to help with the video. Ha Ha!

On a personal note, I am looking to lose a lot of weight, which may or may not happen. When we did a weight loss competition ten years ago, I didn't lose very much, but I toned up a little bit. In the ten years since, I've added 20 plus pounds to my body. Most of all, I want to learn how to eat better. My downfall these past few months has been junk and the lure of convenience. We all do it during the holidays, we eat things we know have way too many calories and fat. And although I did a better job with drinking less pop and drinking more water than I ever have on a daily basis last year, I fell off that wagon during the holidays too. I know changing my diet will help me greatly. I don't want the fear of gaining muscle to override my joy of losing weight when I'm working out.

I hope you all join us in this journey, to experience your own success stories. I know I'm ready. Let's do this!


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