It has happened!  Yep!  Taylor Swift now has more trophies at home than she does Barbies!  And Billboard is getting ready to present her with a huge honor in a special ceremony on December 2nd.  The magazine is naming Taylor its "Woman of the Year!"  At 21-years-old, Swift is the youngest woman ever to receive the award and she joins the likes of Reba McEntire, Beyonce and Fergie as ladies who've snagged that impressive honor.  There's no doubt about it.  Taylor Swift's success grows everyday!  But, this morning, in the WBKR Waking Crew's daily "TAD" POLL, we decided to see what our listeners think of Taylor.  And, to no one's surprise, people feel very strongly one way or the other and the opinions are split right down the middle.  Read what fans of The Country Station are saying . . .

ALLISON MCNEIL- Annoying..but im happy for her. shes worked hard and it has payed off. she just gets on my nerves lol

SCOTTIE MORGAN- Well I may sound like a freak, but after seeing her live. Omg I love her she rocks...


DAWNE FRAIM- i dont think she can sing

JOSHUE BRUST- My thought.. Woman? Really? I know she's technically an adult but..

KOLLEEN ALLEN-STUTEVILLE- I think she is a great roll model... And really seems grounded! Plus I Love the way she sings and her songs are so personal...

SHERRY BARNETT- Well I gotta give her thumbs up cause at least she doesn't sing trash like the pop stars do.

**SHAWNA WALKER HENDRIX**- I would say she is more a "Sensation of the Year", not woman. Her songs are still too much about teenage angst. She is the product of a very good publicity team and less about talent. Let's be honest, if she were just a song writer, how many of her songs would have been recorded by other country artists. She has been packaged, branded and sold like a piece of meat and the American public has bought it. She should take 4 years off, go to college, live a little, and re-introduce herself. She would be better for it.

MICHELLE VINCENT- "DISLIKE" ~ My Daughter wanted to go see her in concert & I refused to take her. No matter what song she trys to sing it sounds the same.

RICKY EVANS- She can't sing, and if it weren't for music mixing she would b n deep trouble!!

RICKY WILSON- Kind of like gettin a " country boy breakfast " at cracker barrel. you think it was good at the begginning, but crap, enough is enough!!

**AMANDA BLANKENSHIP**- HAHA Wow. Just wow. Cranky people this morning. Do ya feel  better? Taylor Swift. Not everyones cup of tea, understandable, but since we are voicing opinions ths morning... She's completely amazing. Completely. No, her vocals aren't comparable to Carrie Underwood or Garth Brooks but her as a person and her lyrics more than make up for that. She has been and still is a huge influence on my life. When you all hear Taylor, you hear a whiny teenager trying to sing but I hear hope, and one person in my life who actually has advice and comments worth listening to. If every person was to make a soundtrack of their life, they couldn't do it without a Taylor Swift song. Everyone goes through heartbreak, crushes, the first day of high school, having to deal with ignorant people at work.. or on Facebook... She started off as a song writer for Sony at a very young age and worked hard to get to where she is today because she wasn't happy there, and all before she turned 16. How many of us on this page have the balls to do that? Like I said Taylor isn't about the vocals. It's about what she has to say, through a song or not. And not taking your daughter to a concert... Wow. I feel bad for her. The concerts are pretty amazing. My mom took me 2 Taylor concerts. We were 3 ft from the stage at the Speak Now concert. Because my mom is amazing and would do anything for me no matter how bad she doesnt like it, because I'm her daughter and she loves me and would do anything for me. If only more moms were like that... Sucks to be you all because this is just the start of what is coming from Taylor. Why ya gotta be so mean??? :P

MARY MARTIN- Sorry but she belongs on the pop side of music. What was Her label thinking when they put her in country?!

KRISTEN CLEMENTS- i think she is awesome! she has sold out almost every show. some in minutes. she should be women of the year!!

I think Shawna Walker Hendrix and Amanda Blankenship best illustrate the generation gap

involved here and I really do believe there is one.  Taylor Swift has millions of fans around the world and she's going to continue her reign atop the Pop and, yes, Country charts. 

Her devoted fans adore her.  After all, this little gal has sold over 3.6 million copies of her latest CD, Speak Now

And, let's not forget that last release, Fearless, which earned Swift a Grammy for Best Album and proved that her colleagues in the industry love her too. 

So, it seems, as Taylor's career continues, the question will be . . . can she maintain her "country" fan base.  After all, it's country that made her a star.  That said, it's her crossover appeal that has made her a SUPERSTAR and Billboard's "Woman of the Year!"  You may love her.  You may hate her.  But this young lady is here to stay.