A couple of years ago, Barb Birgy and I started the tradition of stopping at the North 40 Truck Stop en route to our annual St. Jude Country Cares Seminar.  See, that event is full of country music stars and participating radio stations can each bring an item to have autographed.   Well, in 2010, Barb and I realized that we had forgotten to get something in advance so we peeled into the North 40 parking lot and that truck stop came through for us . . . with an awesome cowboy hat!  So, we decided to make North 40 part of our annual routine.  This year, Jaclyn and I hit it up again and we struck gold!  WATCH!

So, our shirt was a hit at Country Cares and nearly 40 country music artists signed the back of it!  As we usually we do, we'll use this item to help us make money during our St. Jude Radiothon, which is coming up February 23rd and 24th right here on The Country Station!