Lauren Alaina who came in second to Scotty McCreery last year on ‘American Idol‘ returned to the show last night to perform "Georgia Peaches". Steve Thompson, WBKR's American Idol expert, comments on that and the 13 artists vying for the American Idol this year.

American Idol: Jeremy Spoke in Class Today
Well, that was somewhat interesting in the grand scheme of things. For the moment, we got a quick look
at how America is voting. A demographic study might be in order. I had almost all the girls ahead of most of the guys and tonight's result could be called a course correction. For the first time in several years, I couldn't agree more with the judges choice.

  • So it's okay for Idol to use Peter Gabriel songs but not Rush Limbaugh? Hmm... (those of you who read news about the news will get this, those of you expecting political commentary have truly wound up on the wrong blog.)
  • Most of these choices were no-brainers. Jessica Sanchez, Hollie Cavanaugh and Colton Dixon were
    operating at the very top of their game last night. Heejun? He wasn't awful, but I think his personality is pushing the votes his way more than his singing ability.
  • I can't say I really understood why Elise Testone was in the bottom three of the ladies. Some commented that her attitude needed adjusting. Well, I could say that about most of the Top 20 acts in pop music. I didn't really pay attention to her song choice problems-- we've dealt with that for 11 seasons now.
  • Jermaine Jones? You either love his deep bass voice or you don't. I'm currently in the don't camp.
    Maybe we'll hear a better selection next week.
  • We stopped in the middle of this suspense for a message from the Peach Advisory Board... er, Lauren
    Alaina. Not a bad little song all things considered. It will be interesting to see if she gets a sales bump after this performance.
  • Back to the results, Skylar Laine and Phil Phillips being safe were more no brainers for those of
    you paying attention at home. I still question whether Phil can sing without his guitar as his security blanket. DeAndre Brackensick is safe as well. Something tells me his hair will soon have a page on Facebook.
  • I think the only reason Erika Van Pelt was in the bottom three for the ladies was because somebody had to be lady #3. Joshua Ledet in the bottom three? Well, that's a problem with going first on performance night. Shannon Lagrane in the bottom three? Understandable given her problem with nerves and how it manifested itself. Jeremy Posado? Appropriate.

Seacrest slyly tells Joshua and Erika they are safe just before the commercial break. Does anyone
think Ryan has been taking lessons from Cat Deeley lately? Shannon and Jermaine are
declared safe. I realize Shannon has a multitude of detractors out there in hatespace, but I'm really getting tired of the negativity. Jermaine acts like the Governor has granted him a pardon.
Will the judges save the cheerleader and save the world? Nope. Elise lives to sing another day and
Jeremy leaves. (No word if he hit anyone with a surprise left.)

As of midnight Central time, no word on next week's theme. I wonder if Idol is making stuff up on the

Tune in again next Wednesday.

@March 8, 2012 Stephen W Thompson