We have exciting news here at WBKR!  On Saturday, April 2nd, we are debuting THE BKR's DOZEN, our brand new weekly countdown show!  And it's YOUR countdown, hosted by WBKR afternoon drive guy Dave Spencer and yours truly!  So, what do we mean by YOUR countdown?

THE BKR's DOZEN is our countdown of the Top Ten songs in the tri-state!  Now, you're thinking . . . "Hold on, Benefield!  Ten songs does not a dozen make!"  Well, we have two features in the countdown that you are going to LOVE!

First, we have Jaclyn's HOTTIE OF THE WEEK!  Each week, she'll pick a new song that she believes is bound for a home inside our Top Ten!  Yes, it's a shameless title!  But, seriously!  Have you ever heard the way Jaclyn calls Luke Bryan "her baby daddy" or says that David Nail is "smokin' hot?"  She IS shameless and this feature is tailor-made for our resident blonde!  Jaclyn's weekly HOTTIE will be the 11th song in the show. 

Now for the 12th!!  Our second special feature that we are stoked about is called MOON'S SLOPPY SECONDS!  (I know!  You just laughed out loud!  So did our general manager LaDonne Craig!)  Each week, Moon will highlight a golden oldie!  A chart-topper from years gone by!  And who better to do it than our very own Mooner, who once had a weekly countdown show with the Puritans shortly after they landed in the New World!  LOL!  (By the way, that countdown show featured songs like "The Witch Is Back" and "This Land Is Your Land! . . .  Well, It Used To Be!")

In addition to really cool info about your favorite artists and breaking news in country music, you never know what else you're going to hear on the show!  In fact, in our debut edition of THE BKR's DOZEN features some of Jimmy Parrot's greatest hits! 

Join us for THE BKR's DOZEN, every Saturday morning at 8am!  It's YOUR countdown and it's only on YOUR Country Station, 92.5 WBKR!!