Angel here!  Today marks 11 years since I lost my precious momma to a brain aneurysm.  It is one day in my life I would like to forget.  Something I will always remember is just how much my momma sacrificed for me-->

When I look back on all my years of growing up I remember my momma as being the best mother anyone could ask for.  It wasn't because she made every single ball game or dance performance.  It wasn't because she was the president of the PTO or classroom mom.  She didn't bring snacks to school or have lunch with me.  None of those things much mattered back then.

Our lives were not about that.  We moved around quite a bit.  Not because we were running from life but because my parents divorced when I was very young and momma had to go where there was good and steady work so that she could raise me as best she knew how.

She did just that.  She worked hard day in and out.  Sometimes holding 3 jobs just to make ends meet for us.  It was not easy work.

I remember her going to work as a dog groomer when I was 4.  She had never groomed a dog a day in her life but when she walked into the Henderson Animal Clinic and responded to the "HELP WANTED" sign she told them she had been grooming for years.  She was hired on the spot and she taught her self how to groom (and many others through the years).

That particular story was one that describes my momma perfectly.  She was hard-working, determined, and amazing.  And she did it all for me.

With qualities like this and life as it was we had it, often meant she had to miss out on my stuff.  She hated it but it was what had to be done and she always made sure that there was someone in the crowd watching and cheering for me.  Most times it was my friends' parents.  When they say it takes a village for this girl it sure did and I am very grateful for all those individuals who helped my mom raise me.

As a mother myself I often find it hard to make it to everything going on in my kids' schedules.  I watch other parents do it.  I notice parents stress out by putting too much on their plates.

I have come to terms that I am not going to be a cookie cutter mom.  I will not allow social media to dictate how I raise my children.

My momma never cared what others thought and she deserves the highest honor for her utmost thought, care, and sacrifice.

She missed out so I didn't have to.  I will forever be grateful for her love.  She may not have always been present but her presence was always felt.

So, if you are a parent and overwhelmed by life, feeling like you aren't doing enough for your children.  Just love them!  Pray with them.  Teach them about life through your example.  I promise they will know.

Sure missing momma today.  One day without her was always too long but 11 years is gut wrenching.  Thinking of you today beautfiul lady.  I love you so very much~

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