I miss the old days when there were landlines and people respected family time.  I'm sad to say most individuals do not practice proper phone etiquette and texting hours at all anymore.Our family has to deal with this quite often.  My husband is the executive director for a non-profit organization and his phone literally never stops ringing and dinging.

While I totally understand the high demands of the job I think there is an appropriate time to text or call a person no matter what they do for a living or even if the call or text is just from a friend.

Texting is very invasive.  Now some people may not understand what I mean by this so I'll explain.  While you don't have to physically pick up the phone and answer it by speaking, people still expect an answer.  And if you don't text train people they will bother you until you respond.  We were advised in our pre-marital classes not to answer a text or call from a person right away.  If it wasn't a dire emergency then wait to respond.  This teaches people you are not at their beckon call.

Here are a few of my personal rules for texting properly:

  • If you must text keep it short, simple, and to the point.  If you have to write a journal entry you probably need to call the person anyway!
  • Check the clock.  Before the rooster crows or after the work time whistle blows are great boundaries to follow.  Now for me if someone texts me at 6 a.m. I am here at work so it's different but if you do that on a weekend I may come to your house and read you the riot act!  Be mindful of a person's schedule.
  • Avoid group texting if at all possibly.  These are so annoying because they just keep going on and on.  If you must refer back to rule #1.
  • Don't text during inappropriate moments; funerals, church, meal time, family gatherings, school, or date night.
  • Remember each situation is different.  My husband hasn't always had a family or been married.  He was single before he met me and his lifestyle and schedule were different than that of a husband and father.  Things change and you must evolve with each friend, family member, or co-worker in your circle.
  • When in doubt...DON'T. Think of it this way if the text isn't important enough to get up, get in your car, and drive to wherever the person may then don't send it.

From one wife and mother thank you to those who do respect family time, date nights, and other moments in our lives.


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