I think this is a brilliant idea. A woman in Hawaii has a 3-year-old son who is autistic and last year, while he was trick-or-treating, folks who came to the door waited for him to say "trick or treat" before doling out the goodies.

This forced Omairis Taylor to explain her son's autism for the next several blocks at every stop.

This year, he has a terrific idea:

Earlier today, I went looked at as many places as I could and could not find the blue Halloween buckets, but I know I've seen them.

They mass-produce the buckets in a variety of colors every year, but I just couldn't find one.

Maybe they're all gone. We are just two weeks away from Halloween, after all.

And I hope that if that's the case, that's why they're being used.

It's an amazing idea put to great use.

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