Today's an exciting day here in the Owensboro area.  Cape Air officially begins its round trip service from the Owensboro airport to Nashville International.  Now, as someone who travels to and from the Nashville airport rather routinely, I am personally viewing this as a cost-saving opportunity and, potentially, a time-saving opportunity.

The airline is offering two flights per day from Owensboro to BNA and two flights per day from BNA back to Owensboro.

The first flight of the day will leave OWB at 7:35am.  The flight is roughly 54 minutes long and will arrive at Nashville International at 8:29am.

The first flight of the day from Nashville to Owensboro is scheduled to depart BNA at 8:54am and arrive in Owensboro at 9:55am.

The second flight daily departs Owensboro at 4:30pm and is expected to arrive in Nashville at approximately 5:24pm.

The final flight of the day departs Nashville at 6:19pm and arrives back in Owensboro at 7:20pm.

To see the full schedule (which varies a bit depending on the day of the week) and to book your flights, CLICK HERE!

Flights start under $30.  And, honestly, a $30 flight each way would actually save me money.  Kevin and I fly out of Nashville every time we travel.  If we go down the night before, we burn twice that much money on a hotel and, sometimes, another $100 or so on parking at BNA.  And I am cheapskate.  I always park in the Economy Lot which is still $11 per day.

And, let's talk about travel time.  If there's an accident on I-65 between Bowling Green and Nashville, it's a crap shoot as to what time you'll actually get into town.  Last July, when we drove to Nashville to fly out for our trip to NYC and Bermuda, it took us four hours to make the drive from Owensboro.  There was an accident that literally paralyzed the traffic.  The thought of being able to fly over potential delays sounds incredible.  In fact, I'm in.

As a reminder as Cape Air begins its service today, we teamed up with the airline to be your Nashville connections.  We're giving away a trip to Nashville with round trip flights from Owensboro, hotel accommodations at the the Hutton Hotel and tickets to The Grand Ole Opry and a tour of the Ryman Auditorium.  To enter for a chance to win, CLICK HERE!   But hurry, the deadline is 11:59:59pm CST on Thursday, January 23rd.

Angel and I will announce the lucky winner on Friday morning.

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