Well, here we go again.... To say that cats have bad luck at our house in an understatement! (Anyone remember poor Pippa?!? Or know where she is??)

This morning when Carsyn and I were loading up in the car to go to pre-school we both heard a cat meowing. Well, after searching just about everywhere, we found it... a sweet little kitten hiding in the bushes. Of course we had to get it out, pet it, kiss it, sing to it and name it! So, please meet "Peaches".... and while you introduce yourself to her/him, maybe you should wish it Good Luck!

Oh, warning...Carsyn sings to it, ha!


I'm sure that I'll have some sort of crazy story about Carsyn and Peaches coming up soon!

Good Luck Peaches... you're gonna need it!