Like mother like daughter?!? Well, when it comes to singing, looks like this rings true! My little Carsyn LOVES to "sing on the stage like Mommy does". It's nothing for us to play "music" anytime, anywhere. Normally Carsyn tells me if I'm John, Benom or Miss Katie. (They are the bass player, drummer and singer/mean tambourine player in my band.)

Yes, we have fun! And, here she is singing one of her favorites, aside from Miss Miranda (Lambert), Jesus (Mariah Carey's Christmas record) and "I Just Can't Wait To Be King (The Lion King). Enjoy!

Don't you just love her stare down when she's finished?!? Ha! Can't imagine where she gets that from??

And, yes, I know she's going to kill me when she gets older for showing y'all all of these fun memories!