Well, it was bound to happen and I'll be honest, I'm surprised it took a whole month, ha! Carsyn got sent home with a note from her preschool teacher... and, it wasn't a good one!

At the end of every day, they get to take a treasure home from the treasure box. That is, of course, if they are good. Yesterday, Carsyn didn't get a treasure, but was sent home with this note...

Now, I love that the crayons on the paper are SO excited, haha! Looks like my precious little angel wasn't listening. Who's surprised?!? Not me, that's who! Ha!

She does tend to have an attention/listening problem, must get that from the other side ;)

But, I LOVE her school and her teacher! It may have been the first "Carsyn is acting up" letter from a teacher, but I have a feeling, it won't be the last!