Angel here.  Today I turn 37 years young!  Born to Ron and Jean Ballard on February 27, 1980, in Christian County Hospital, on a cold Wednesday morning.  The long awaited baby girl who almost didn't make her appearance due to several complications.Growing up my momma told me she wanted to have a little girl so bad, but the doctor told her it just wasn't possible.   They tried and tried but no luck.  So my dad told my mom if you aren't going to have a baby why don't you go back to showing horses.  We were horse people (my dad still is) so it just made sense for my mom to get back in the saddle.  Until one show she became extremely dizzy and nauseous.

Momma if you knew her was a bit dramatic and told my brothers she thought she might have an incurable disease and needed to go to the doctor.  Well after several tests, one being a pregnancy test, and lots of questions, momma found out she was getting a precious baby girl!

She told me her entire life changed when I was born.  My dad confirms this!  Her world revolved around me and I had no complaints.

1, 2, and 3 years old
1, 2, and 3 years old

On my birthday each year momma would throw these awesome birthday parties and my grandmother would make me cupcakes in a cone or Angel Food Cake and I always felt so very special.  As I grew older and it was just her and I, we began our own birthday traditions together.

Each year we would set out for the day to dance in the car, go to our favorite restaurants, and to shop until we dropped.  Momma couldn't afford much but I remember in my teen years and into adult years she always made me a small basket with fun socks, my favorite candy, lip glosses, and a special letter that always went straight to my heart!

I always miss her like crazy but even more when my birthday rolls around each year.  Somehow I know she is having her own celebration for me in heaven.

Here's to one more year older, a little wiser, and completely blessed with my faith, family, an awesome job, dear friends, and a promise of one day being with my sweet momma to celebrate all the rest of my birthdays.  Until then I will just smile thinking about all our fun times.

What are some of your special birthday memories or traditions?



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