Holly Banks Munoz and her family have been devastated. Their sweet Chewy has been missing since Saturday. Chewy has quite a story and he NEEDS to be home. His health depends on it. REWARD is being offered.

Holly Banks Munoz

I NEVER give up hope when I hear about missing animals. Some stories I tend to worry more about than others. Especially, when it's older dogs with health issues. My mind goes all over the place, and I struggle internally until they make it home. Every week I hi-light a missing pet in the tri-state and Chewy caught my eye. I knew this needed to be done in order for Chewy to have a chance.

Let's talk about this sweet boy. I had a chance to talk with Holly this morning and Chewy is in a unique situation. Holly and her family are actually a "permanent foster family" for Chewy. He came to them from a rescue, as he has many health issues and obviously, he's older. Dogs like Chewy are very hard to get adopted. That's where Holly comes in. They foster older dogs, kind of like a Hospice for pups.

Holly Banks Munoz

Chewy is 15 years-old, he's mostly deaf, mostly blind and has a large tumor on his leg. He's about 25 pounds, so he's a bit bigger than the picture would indicate. He got out on Saturday, although the family has no idea how. It's a fenced in backyard, although there's one small hole in the fence, but it would be hard to understand how "this dog" could get through it. He moves super slow because of the tumor. And, only a small amount of time went by when he would have been out of their site. He was nowhere to be found almost immediately. Again, "this dog" moved that quickly and disappeared. Anything is possible and I know that, but gosh I just hope he's safe.

So, let's talk about the tumor for a second. Holly is concerned that maybe someone would think that he wasn't being cared for, so they may have taken him thinking that. They may have had good intentions. The tumor CAN'T be removed. Did I mention that Chewy also has a heart condition? Yep, something else working against this sweet angel. Obviously, with his health, he makes trips to the vets office often. They can't put him under anesthesia because of his heart issues and his health. I can tell how much Holly and the family LOVE Chewy so yes, he's been getting the best care ever. Nobody should judge a book, or in this case Chewy, by the cover.

The family is offering a REWARD for his safe return. Does this family love Chewy? Well, how about the fact that all week they get off work and from 5:30 - 9 PM they search. The Rolling Heights area is a lot of ground to cover, but they do it every day and will until he's found. They've knocked on doors, searched ditches, the woods and neighborhood after neighborhood. Still no Chewy. Can you please help spread the word and keep an eye out for this pup. If he's out there all alone...my mind can't go there. We HAVE to find him and soon.

Please contact: 270-485-9651 if you see Chewy or can help find him.